Caring Dads

Children can be deeply traumatized if they see violence between their parents or carers, even if they aren’t physically harmed.

It aims to help dads:

  • stop their abuse
  • recognize the impact their behaviour has on their children
  • improve their parenting

How it works

Fathers work together in a discreet, supportive group. They attend 17 sessions focusing on topics like:

  • how your behaviour as a parent can be affected by your own childhood experiences of parenting
  • what emotionally abusive, controlling or violent behaviour between parents feels like for a child
  • what children need from their dads to improve and strengthen their relationship.

Suitability Criteria

Fathers are eligible if:

  • They have physically or emotionally abused their children
  • They are at risk of maltreating their children
  • They have an overbearing, controlling style of interacting with their children
  • They are alternatively over-involved & distant with their children
  • They have physically or emotionally abused their children’s mother
  • They have regular involvement in caring for their children (access every 2 weeks minimum)

Fathers also:

  • Have at least one child between 0-12 years
  • Have to attend at least 80% of the Caring Dads course
  • On completion of the course a final report is written up by the facilitators detailing any progress or significant changes observed throughout the course.

Fathers are NOT eligible if:

  • They have a history of child sexual abuse
  • They are actively or currently involved in a custody or access dispute
  • Have no regular contact with their children

PLEASE NOTE – Individual suitability for the group will also be assessed through the intake process

Child/Children and their mother needs to be supported throughout the programme and cases are also required to remain open with professional bodies.

The Caring Dads Leaflet

Programme Start Dates


Feel free to call us on 01502 572143 or e-mail us at for more information on Caring Dads and to register your interest.