Trauma Therapy

Waveney Domestic Violence & Abuse Forum work to support female and male survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. Our therapists will work with you to look at both your short and long-term needs. All therapists are accredited and work to a strict code of ethics and practice. Your confidentiality will be maintained at all times unless we are concerned that you or your family are at serious risk of harm.



We have qualified experienced, professional therapists, who have worked for a number of years supporting clients in their recovery.

You will be able to discuss your needs confidentially and someone who will understand, and if this service is not for you, Waveney Domestic Violence & Abuse Forum will, where possible, signpost you to a more suitable service.


When do I need a Trauma Therapist?

This type of therapy is for those who have suffered trauma, at any age, and continue to be affected by it. You may have suffered abuse which could have been sexual, emotional, mental, neglect, or domestic abuse. The traumatic event(s) you have experienced may result in you having irrational fears, flashbacks or feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with aspects of your life as an adult. This could be the therapy you need to recover.

Trauma therapy is a flexible method adapted by individual needs. It consists of thorough, effective techniques to bring about lasting change without the need of recalling traumatic incidents.


How to sign-up for Trauma Therapy?

Feel free to call us on 01502 572143 or e-mail us at for more information on the trauma therapy we offer. We can also see if trauma therapy is the most suitable service for you.