Useful Resources

Your Health Matters

A handy guide to wellbeing with websites and phone numbers to get in touch with those who may benefit yours, or someone you care for’s wellbeing and general health and happiness. click here to open the link to view the guide.

About Me Passport for those with a Disability or Health Condition 

This About document is intended to provide professionals with information about the person with a disability and/or health condition as an individual. This will enhance care and support given while the person is in an unfamiliar environment. It is not a medical document and will require updating as necessary, it is a very useful resource to make individuals more comfortable in new surroundings- click the link below to view and download the resource.

2017 About-Me passport

1st Principle

Suffolk Police has recently launched “1st Principle”. The first phase of a new library of crime preven on, security and personal safety advice. Access the advice here: The project takes it’s name from Sir Robert Peel who identified 9 principles of policing when he established the modern day police force. He identified crime prevention as the 1st of these principles. We support the police in this crime prevention initiave and would urge you to use the advice provided wherever possible by following the link above.